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Mt. Hekla, Iceland’s most active volcano, could erupt any day now. In this tour you are going on a visit. You will see some stunning places and waterfalls. Maybe take a bath in deserted mountain pool. You take the Golden Circle stops on the way back.

This way you can see more and stay out of the crowds.

TOUR FACTS @ Golden Circle Volcanoes – the road less travelled – private tour

Operation dates: All year
Duration: 10-12 hours
Tour departures: Pick up from your hotel in Reykjavik.
Drop off: At your hotel in Reykjavik.
Difficulty: Moderate
Price: 169.000 ISK


We are small – so we try harder
We are all locals – so we know Iceland inside out
We are all middle aged – so we understand life a bit
We treat our guests with old fashioned hospitality – you will like it
We don’t take big chances – so you are safe


Pickup at your hotel in Reykjavik
Drop off at your hotel in Reykjavik
A full day tour tailored to your wants and needs
A local guide that is fun, informative and personal
Pictures of you from the tour


Good (hiking) shoes – if you have them.
Outdoor clothing. The weather is changing all the time. Be prepared.
A camera. This is a tour to remember.

The Golden Circle is a “must see” visiting Iceland. But it is clever to use the opportunity to see more – and if possible, stay out of the crowds.

In this tour you start by driving to the South of Iceland. You are on your way to visit Mt. Hekla, Iceland’s most active volcano. It has erupted every decade for a long time but now it has not erupted for 17 years. It could happen any given day now and the notice is usually short. From 30 up to 80 minutes so we are not going on a hike there. But the view is wonderful.

You will stop at the Hekla information center to learn more about this famous volcano. That is also a perfect place to have some lunch. Next stop could be Þjófafoss waterfall, a truly magical scenery early in the valley. Soon we will see a trail leading up to the volcano. If you like we can drive up there a bit to find the perfect place for a photo shoot.

You are now at the gateway to the Highlands. The road takes you further up the Þjórsárdalur valley. There you will find the second highest waterfall in Iceland, Háifoss, and it’s neighbour Granni. You better not be afraid of heights if you want to see those waterfalls properly.

You now continue down the valley on the west side. See the beautiful place Gjáin with charming waterfalls. If you are interested in how the vikings lived, a stop at Stöng is a perfect choice. It is a house built in the same way the vikings built their houses back in the settlement years.

If there is time and you want to dip into warm water in a deserted pool high up in the mountains we know just the place.

It is now time to start your Golden Circle tour. The waterfall Gullfoss is the first stop. What a power! What a sight! Not far from there you will find Geysir, the geothermal area, with the hot spring Strokkur erupting every few minutes.

The tour now takes you back through the agricultural areas in the South. The evening sun makes everything look golden. The last stop is Thingvellir, the parliamentary place of the viking times. We have enjoy some complimentary refreshments that our guide has brought along and enjoy the view. The place is remarkable both historically and geologically.

It is now time to get back home. We take the road less travelled over Mt. Hengill, one of Reykjavik’s active volcanoes. It erupts every 2.000 years. It is 2.000 years since last time. But we take our chances. The view is worth it.

In this tour you can:

See Urriðafoss waterfall
Visit Hekla information center
See Þjófafoss waterfall
Drive half the way up to Hekla – if you dare
See the second highest waterfall in Iceland, Háifoss and it’s neighbour Granni
See Gjáin, a beautiful place with small waterfalls
See the Settlement farm
Visit the waterfall Hjálparfoss
Take a bath in a warm deserted pool
See the magnificent waterfall Gullfoss
Visit the famous geothermal area Geysir
Take a walk at Thingvellir, a unique place in historical and geological sense
Drive over the volcano Hengill on your way back
Enjoy the best of the South of Iceland in one day