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To join our tours is like entering the Theater. It should be an exciting thing, you should learn something new, have a thrill. Despite our small group focus, we love to have bigger groups every now and then. It is like taking the show up to the big stage!

Our volcano tours have been very popular with conference guests. We know how to deliver an exciting story, whether it is about the next eruption, trolls and elves or even politics. We also know how to treat our guests so they can take back some new information and happy memories.

School groups are our favorite, especially when it comes to geology. When you are 16 it can be hard to relate to something that was happening thousands of years ago – if not millions. If you want to keep your crowd interested you have to deliver this in a more exciting way than just talking in a microphone. It should be like a stand up.

We have had wonderful time with school groups coming to Iceland on educational trips. Geology, Chemistry, Physics – Iceland is perfect for making this come alive with interactive storytelling and some action in between. We can provide scientists to give lectures, instruments to measure heat and gas in the hot springs and run some tests in the lab.

If you have a group coming to Iceland and want to do something out in the volcanoes and lava, just send us a mail and we can help you plan an exciting day. And if we can help you with something else, well we know Iceland inside out and are happy to give you free advice on what ever you are thinking of.

Your sincere,
Dofri Hermannsson,
Mobile +354 8 88 78 68

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