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We are a small family company with deep passion for volcanoes.
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You love volcanoes, inspiring facts, folklore, adventure and inspiration. We invite you to experience all this and more with our professional guides. Comfortable but still adventurous tours where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the black volcanic rock formations and moss covered lava fields in the areas surrounding Reykjavik. Enjoy the stories we tell both for fun and information. Will they erupt soon and with what consequences for us all. How do we use the forces of the geothermal areas. Enjoy the unbelievable, but so true coors. Look into the eyes of hell and smell the sulfur in the air. You will return another person and never forget this trip.


We believe in quality and not quantity. We offer few tours filled with information and joy about a specific area – volcanoes. We feel that the energy of Mother Earth presented by the volcanoes is interesting for other people than just us. We have extended knowhow and want to give you the possibility of tapping into our stories of volcanoes, the hidden people, how the energy is use, the history and geology of the Earth we stand upon in each spot. We invite you to affordable, still luxurious private tours.

We attend to your need of experience and we help you create memories to take back to tell with the stories. We are small, so we try harder to please our customers. You are special to us. We are all locals, so we know Iceland inside out. We are all middle aged, so we understand life a bit. You are our guest and we treat our guests with old fashioned hospitality. We think you like it that way. Iceland can be dangerous and we do not take big changes. You are safe in our hands. Welcome to the adventure of your life.

Our guide was so full of information and so friendly. The sites he took us on were marvelous! The best part about going on a tour with Reykjavik Erupts is that it’s not overly touristy, much like the golden circle tours can be and you get to see and experience things that many other tourists don’t because the locals (such as our tour guide) know the area so well. For example, seeing Kleifvartn Lake was so nice and there were no other tourists there so we were able to have a private picnic on the beach. Truly fantastic!!
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Our guide was so full of information and so nice. The sites he took us on were amazing! They were so pretty and you definitely won’t meet many people who saw these amazing sites while they were in Iceland! The day after this, we did the Golden circle tour with a different company and there is no comparison. I wish we could’ve gone with this company! Reykjavik erupts is awesome! Our guide also took so many wonderful photos of us and we enjoyed everything so much.
“A remote area of Iceland with a private guide.”
Tour name, Reykjavik Erupts….On a cloudy day in mid March, a mother from USA/ Virginia and her daughter from USA/ Texas decided to go on an adventure tour with just a driver/tour guide. The mother having been to Iceland several times and the daughter never, wanted a tour that was off the beaten path. We both wanted to see the landscape, volcanoes, smell the sulfur and see the mud pots. We began our tour the evening before at the Volcano House in downtown Reykjavik where we watched 2 movies about volcanoes. This part of the tour is not to be missed and it set us up for the next day’s adventure. Our driver/tour guide (Dofri) arrived to pick us up at the hotel promptly at 10am and off we went. Our guide knew the main roads and also the back roads and showed us places that the larger tour groups couldn’t go. The guide was very knowledgeable about the geology of the various places and he told us that he kept his learning up to date with his professional contacts. He even brought along some hot cocoa to share and toward the end of the tour he took us to a magnificent tiered waterfall that was again off the usual touring route. If you have the time, this is truly a tour not to be missed. Bring a camera, wear comfortable shoes and dress warmly. Gloria C.
Reykjavik Erupts tour with Dofri – March 7, 2017
We had a wonderful time because of your kind hospitality and we were warmly welcomed like family .all our relatives and friends will definitely find you and your company in the future. Mariella Chan

Dofri was very pleasant to begin with, made us feel at ease and broke the ice by saying a Tagalog word which we found funny and hilarious. He brought us to the best spots for photo taking, took some of the best pictures even using his own smartphone. He was very knowledgeable and informative and passionate about disaster management for his beloved Iceland. A cup of hot chocolate was a nice ending to the fun afternoon. 
Please look for Dofri and join his company for tours. Guaranteed you will have a pleasant time in his company. Anna Marie Guesa, Barbara Ng, Paula Raagas


When it comes to our tours we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.