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Awarded Private tour company in Iceland with a top-quality local guide. We offer private day tours to the most amazing stops in Iceland such as  In our comfortable vehicles, you will have the day of a lifetime...

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The Golden Circle is a must

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, the Golden Circle is a must. Dofri has the knowledge, space in his Mercedes van, and the personality to make it a trip to remember. Dofri picked us up at our hotel downtown and we then traveled the Golden Circle- waterfalls, Viking history, geysers and local food. Probably the greatest part was the Icelandic knowledge/history that Dofri provided. He is truly a Renaissance man w/ in depth knowledge due to his upbringing in this West w/ horses, education, and multiple careers. The scenery is beautiful and a must see but don’t do it without Dofri. We hope to return again and travel w/ Dofri to see the northern lights, volcanoes and possibly even a horse tour in the west.


20 September 2023


Best Guide Ever!

We were picked-up at our hotel by our guide at 8:30 AM - We were dropped-off by our new friend. We have traveled the world for more than 40+ years and without a doubt Dofri is the very best guide we have ever had the pleasure to meet. As if his wonderful personality, and stories of his family history, expert knowledge, and delightful humor were not enough, he also toured us around in a brand-new Mercedes Sprinter van fit for kings. Thank you, King of Trolls!

Joe G

11 July 2023



We spent a magical day with Gylfi, touring the active volcano and the surrounding area. How fortunate we were to see the earth perform in this spectacular fashion. How fortunate we were to have had such an excellent tour guide.

Dorothy Z

6 May 2021


Absolutely amazing!!!!

We were out as a trip with other coworkers. The day didn´t look very good as the weather was all what you could expect in Iceland: windy, wet and cold. Our tour guide, Finnbogi made the difference out of this and ending as one of the most amazing experiences that we had in Iceland. He drove us around Reykjanæs peninsula, adapting each stops on the way to give us the best of each place. We had a little hike as we were a small group in our 30ies, nothing to complicated. Full of information a patience Finnbogi will answer every single question related to volcanoes, earthquakes and so on. We were in dreaming places, JUST US and the immensity. Could not be better!!!! Guys, thank you so much for being so wonderful.

Martha g

25 January 2019


Best experience, perfect end !!

Me (25) and my mom (50) decided to go on a Tour to see the vulcanic and geothermal área we choose Reykjavik erupts ans they was simple the best!!! They came to pick us up in a Land Rover Jeep, was perfect for groups of friends or family! They come to pick us up after a little documentary about vilcanos and I find it very important for guests to know the vulcanic activity in Iceland. After that we went to the area of Reykjanes. Started in a . Beautiful black sand beach walk to drink the cleanest water from the lake!!! After that we visited the area where is located the volcano and tectonic plats. We visited a geothermal area and our guide Finnbogi was perfect! In the end of the visit he brought a veeeeeeery warm hot chocolate with Icelandic donuts, as well a special touch of rum if you would dike. This was the perfect end since we are outside, we could warm up and have a great time! The whole visit was made with a 4 friends from Boston. super nice people ! I defiantly recommend was an amazing day and my mother who is 50 loved! She was literally amazed by the beauty of those places that was simply hidden. Was only us and no one else! No tourists!!

Luke Bitencourt

24 January 2019


My Favorite Tour in Iceland!

I had an absolute, stellar, and fun-filled time in Iceland! The first country I ever went outside the U.S. Finn was an absolute, genuine, friendly guy. He truly makes you feel and understand the Icelandic culture. Finn offers a bright and personal tour experience than all the other I took during my stay. He brings unique, homemade, and authentic elements to make your Iceland trip from a 10/10 to an 11/10. I would recommend him to the highest degree and is definitely coming back to book another tour with him! Great character, he deserves the world.

Evan Wilson

15 January 2019

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We believe in quality and not quantity. We offer few tours filled with information and joy about a specific area – volcanoes. We feel that the energy of Mother Earth presented by the volcanoes is interesting for other people than just us. We have extended knowhow and want to give you the possibility of tapping into our stories of volcanoes, the hidden people, how the energy is use, the history and geology of the Earth we stand upon in each spot. We invite you to affordable, still luxurious private tours.

We attend to your need of experience and we help you create memories to take back to tell with the stories. We are small, so we try harder to please our customers. You are special to us. We are all locals, so we know Iceland inside out. We are all middle aged, so we understand life a bit. You are our guest and we treat our guests with old fashioned hospitality. We think you like it that way. Iceland can be dangerous and we do not take big changes. You are safe in our hands. Welcome to the adventure of your life.