Reykjavik Erupts started as one of the tours operated by Basecamp Iceland. The flagship is the tour about the eruption Reykjavik is waiting for as it might run through the city. Reykjavik volcanoes are overdue for eruption and this tour tells you all about how it could act out. As the tour exploded in popularity it was about time to found a new company that would focus on volcanoes. The founder, Dofri Hermannsson, is a guide and an actor with a great flair of storytelling. All the staff of Reykjavik Erupts share the same enthusiasm for making your dream come true.

Going on a tour with Reykjavik Erupts is like visiting a local friend. It is a small family and friends based company that values your interest in our service. You will get professional guidance and comfortable but still adventurous tours where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of Iceland’s moonlike volcanic environment. You will hear folklore, a lot about volcanic eruptions and geothermal areas. You will walk into a world in flashing colors, look into the eyes of hell and smell the sulfur in the air. If you are lucky, you will tour in different weather, sunshine, rain, snow, breeze or storm. One thing is for sure. You will never forget the trip.

You can find Reykjavik Erupts on:

Tours depart from:
The Volcano House,
Tryggvagata 11,
101 Reykjavik.

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You can always contact us via Facebook messenger, via mail: info@reykjavikerupts.is and tel: + 354 582 6676