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Snæfellsnes Peninsula Full Day Private Tour - Up to 6 passengers

On this full-day private tour, you will see everything this volcanic Island has to offer. Basalt columns, black sand beaches with breaking waves, waterfalls, craters, volcanoes, a glacier, lava fields, and charming fishing villages. A whole day’s adventure, full of volcanic formations and memorable places to stop at.

The volcano Snæfellsjökull – a stratovolcano like Eyjafjallajökull – is the king of this tour. Its cone shape is quite clear as it stands out furthest west on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It became world famous in Jules Verne's novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in 1864. It last erupted about 1,700 years ago and is still an active volcano.

As you travel to the west you see mountains made in hundreds of different eruptions throughout millions of years. Carved by giant glaciers so you can read their story on the mountainsides, layer by layer – line by line. In between beautiful layers of recent lava covered with soft moss.

And as this is a private tour, of course, we can customize it according to your wishes. Just send us an email about your wishes and our knowledgeable, local guide will try to find a way to fit them into the itinerary.

If you have any questions at all before booking the tour, just email us at or call us at +354 888 7868

What do I need to bring

This is Iceland and the weather can change quickly. Dress warm, wear sturdy shoes and bring wind and rain proof shells.


The weather in Iceland can change rapidly. Please check out the forecast the day before and dress accordingly.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Full Day Private Tour - Up to 6 passengers

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