Volcano Eruption Reykjanes Peninsula 2022: Know More Details

3 minute read - 04 Sep 2022

If you searching for Iceland volcano eruption 2022, a new fissure eruption opened up slightly north of last year's eruption at Fagradalsfjall mountain on Reykjanes Peninsula. Fagradalsfjall volcano is located south of the Reykjanes Peninsula, only 15 km (9.32 miles) from the world's famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. Though the eruption turned out to be a very short one.

The red skies, explosive magma, and gleaming deep reds of flowing lava are a spectacular sight to behold, especially in person. The recent explosions from the crater on Mt. Fagradalsfjall, on the Reykjanes Peninsula, have attracted hundreds of volcano enthusiasts. Since the eruption is conveniently located near Iceland´s capital, Reykjavik, taking a hike up to witness this spectacular act of nature is only fitting. If you're ready to travel to the land of fire and ice, here's what you should know about this recent volcanic eruption.

The best time to witness the volcanos is at night. The cover of darkness provides an excellent backdrop for the orchestra of lava flowing out of the vents. Better yet, your photographs will look better.

Fortunately, the eruption site is accessible to visitors, which means you can also join hundreds of enthusiasts gathering to watch nature's wonders during a pandemic. It's much-anticipated action and one that's incredibly appealing to any hiker. In line with this, officials at the site have created designated hiking paths for visitors.

According to geologists, the magma is flowing from the mantle, at least 12 miles (20 km) deep from the earth's surface. The lava flow is consistent, which suggests that the eruption could continue for a long time. The speed of the eruption also means that the source has a similar flow of magma. In summary, if the inflow and outflow are similar, the eruption could occur over time.

Reykjanes hasn't experienced an eruption in hundreds of years. However, in 2019, the Reykjanes Peninsula became a common site for earthquakes. Residents in the nearby town of Grindavík had several troubling nights on account of the earthquakes. The activity around the area suggests that geologic rifts in the peninsula pulled apart rapidly and created a rift that magma rushed to fill.

Important things to know about Volcano Eruption in Reykjanes Peninsula

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The new eruption that opened in the Meradalir valley is a fissure eruption, meaning that instead of the crater, the lava comes out of the fissure vent, usually without explosive activity, this eruption turned out to be a very short one.

The initial size of this fissure is around 300 meters long, but it is expected to get bigger.

As for now, the eruption causes no threat to the surrounding infrastructure, lives, or air traffic. The flights to the Keflavik Internation Airport proceed as usual.

This year’s eruption is 5-10 times bigger in lava and gas volume than the previous year’s.

Meradalir volcanic eruption site can be accessed by a 17 km hike (both ways) and is considered challenging.

It is advised to be mindful of gas and not to bring pets or children to the site.

Since August 21st, 2022 there has been no visible activity in Meradalir Volcano. No flowing lava can be seen at the moment, but the hiking path remains open.

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